What I’m reading…and you might want to, as well!

As usual, my books are all over the spectrum – but I like it that way. I figure that if you only read one type, one author, then you’re missing out on what is really out there.

So, let’s go a-wandering through my stacks!


First up, the memoirs of one of the most famous geishas in Japan – Geisha: A Life details the world of Mineko Iwasaki, from her joining the culture at five years old to her “retirement” just before she turned thirty. I’ve always been fascinated by the life of a Geisha, and this book is an intriguing look behind the scenes. The only annoyance I had with it is the namedropping at the end in that she names and then complains about various famous persons. Other than that, it’s a great read for those looking for a new memoir to dip into.

Maya Banks. The Colter men. Yes, let’s GO THERE.

I first tripped across the Colter men in a free novella put out by Samhain then picked up the first in the series, Colters’ Woman in ebook form. I’m not going to go into all the details here, but suffice it to say that she will make you believe in threesomes. Well, foursomes. Three men. One woman. Oh, yes.  And the sequel just released, Colters’ Lady. Do not read these in public, lest your blushing have someone calling 911 for you to be revived by strong, muscular firemen. Oh, wait…

And last on my list of What The Heck are You Reading Now?, let me present “The Profiler” by Pat Brown. I picked this up on a whim for my Nook (which I’m still loving!) and enjoyed it. Pat Brown is a criminal profiler who does a lot of work and you’ve probably seen her on the television talking about this case or that case. But did you know that she’s fully qualified in sign language and used to work as an interpreter for the police force? This book details how she got into profiling and how she has seen a lot of cases go unsolved that could be solved with a bit more work. She doesn’t blame the police, just a system that’s overworked and full of politics. A good read, if not somewhat depressing.

Well, that’s it for me. Just finished final line edits for “Wild Cards and Iron Horses”, so we’re sliding down to the August release!

And now… more reading! Writing! Zyngo!



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