Riddle me this…

A thousand years ago at the Ontario Science Center (where I practically grew up, my father choosing to take us there on almost every daddy-gets-the-kids day) there was a computer game that illustrated fire-fighting techniques in the brush.

Now, when I say “computer game” I’m talking an orange pixel being the “fire” and various shades of brown pixels being the bulldozers, smokejumpers, etc. We’re talking high tech, boys and girls. Anyway, the goal was to surround the fire as quickly as you could and then the computer would spit out how many acres of land you lost to fire. Good way to show the importance of organization and whatnot. Of course, you could sit back and let the entire screen go orange. That was fun, too.

What reminded me of THAT was the way that BP/U.S. Government is dealing with the oil spill. I’m totally willing to give it to BP for the actual stopping of the leak, since they have the equipment and the ability to go down that deep and do what they do.

But skimming the oil off the top of the water before it gets to shore? Since when did THAT become impossible to do?

So we’ve had planes flying overhead, documenting this slow creep towards land of the slicks, and… no boats out there skimming. Nothing tangible, at least. No Navy, No Coast Guard, no one in a rowboat dragging the booms out or doing anything to keep that oil from reaching the land.

I think someone needs to go get that old video game and show it to BP/Obama.


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