Another day…

While I’m waiting for another round of edits on “Wild Cards and Iron Horses”, let me rant a bit about television writing. Spoilers below, so run away!

Fringe: Oh, NO, you did NOT go there. Really? If FauxOlivia doesn’t get found out within the first two eps, I’m done with you. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy writing! And after da Kiss…

Bones: No. No. No. Cam does not want to have an empty lab for a year, thank you very much. She should fire all your butts and retire. I’m looking at YOU, Jack and Angela. And don’t even get me started on why Booth and Bones don’t even HUG before she’s off to Poo-Poo Island and he’s off to Afghanistan.

Castle: The Ex? Really? Who we haven’t seen ALL season and who shows up conveniently just as Kate’s about to reveal her innermost thoughts?


Now, the writer in me understands that this is a logical thing. Castle hasn’t been working 10-12 hour days with Beckett and rushing home to write. I can totally see him isolating himself to finish “Naked Heat”. Really, I can. And it’s a good way out for the writers to push the REAL book in the fall.

But we better not be setting up a love triangle. Let Castle find out in the first two days WHY she’s the frakking ex-wife.

Grr. To all of the above.

Meanwhile, Publishers Weekly put out an article on J.A. Konrath’s signing with Amazon for his new book. And, right on time, the angry rebuttal on Konrath’s blog.

My thoughts: Suck it up, dude. You can’t set yourself up as the Guru of Self-Publishing and not expect to get some body shots. And please, don’t send your loyal followers over to PW to rant about how it’s a Big Conspiracy to Keep the Self-Pubs down. I wonder if he hunts down anyone who gives him a bad review on Amazon and does the same thing. If they’ve got their stats wrong, write a rebuttal article and send it in. Emotional diatribes don’t look good and remind me of Anne Rice’s rants on Amazon.

Dragon out.


One thought on “Another day…

  1. I read about Wild Cards and Iron Horses on Velvet’s site. I would love to know when this is available. If you would please place me on your mailing list, I’d appreciate it. Thanks. khkoehler(at)yahoo(dot)com

    –kh koehler

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