Drooling on Myself…

As I wait to charge into the first round of edits for “Wild Cards and Iron Horses”, let me share some thoughts and ramblings.

Because I can.

First, just finished “Mistress by Mistake” by Maggie Robinson. GREAT READ! I highly recommend it, but not for the faint of heart – this is NOT your mother’s Victorian romance. Let’s just say that you should not give this as a present to your 13 yr old niece unless you really want to start the family a-buzzing. Lots of good, hot love scenes and darn it, an excellent read to boot!

Kanaxa, the glorious artist who did the cover for “Blaze of Glory”, is going to do the cover art for “Wild Cards”. I’ve seen the first rough draft and I swear, it’s even better than BoG. Really. You shall weep at the glory of it all.

Received my first royalty check for all of ten days of sales from Samhain for “Blaze of Glory”. Almost fainted. Sad to say, it’s very obvious to me that a lot of publicity comes with the publisher you sign with. I won’t be retiring any time soon or buying a new laptop, but I was very happily surprised.

Dying for the season finale of Castle. ’nuff said.

And, really, is anyone surprised that the Penguins choked in Game 7? Anyone?

(I know I’ll be ducking snipers for the next week for daring to say that. I’m deep in Steeler/Penguin Country, but I AM CANADIAN.


Loved Iron Man 2. As if there was any question that I wouldn’t.

Tomorrow – blogging on the SFR Brigade about Metropolis! Be there!


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