The Church of Reading

I love to walk into a bookstore. Just to stand there, right inside the front doors (usually blocking them) and see aisle on aisle of books, row on row of books that I may never read, never want to read, but they’re all there.

And I love seeing childen in bookstores. I love seeing them run around from shelf to shelf, grabbing books and rushing back to their parents asking for this one or that one or can I have both and so forth.

It’s almost a religious experience. To me, at least. Because if you can’t read or don’t want to read, you’re missing out on so much. So much information, imagination and extrapolation that could make your life so much more.

Went into a B&N this weekend. Bought two writing instruction books, because you can Never Have Too Many. Came home and bought a cheap Nora Roberts ebook on my Nook.

A darned good weekend.


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