Random synapses firing…

I really miss our local bookstore. Since it closed, we’ve saved money because we’re not dropping in two, three times a week and buying books, but still… it’s hard to live with the nearest bookstore at leas an hour away. And I miss seeing the kids running around the bookstore, clutching a book in hand, racing to get to the counter.

Because, after all, that’s our future there. Not the kids playing video games, although I’ll take the argument about hand/eye co-ordination under consideration. After all, if you can’t READ the instructions for the game, how can you play the darned thing?


Supposedly the stats for reading are going down – less and less people are reading, but I’m not sure that’s a valid survey. After all, people still buy comic books and novels and Nora Roberts (She Who Cannot Put Out Less Than Ten Novels a Year, Blessed Be Her Name) *laughs* and reading is still important if for nothing else than to make sure you read the back of the DVD case. I think it’s more of a case of second-hand books becoming more prevalent, such as my fav Paperback Book Swap where I can find backlists and take a chance on books I may like, but not LOVE enough to pay full price for.

Recovering slowly from the surgery – the stitches freak me out every time I look at them, moreso because it seems like one of the Steri-strips that they used to pull the one in my chest together seems to be collapsing INTO the wound itself. I’m seeing the surgeon next Tuesday for my followup, but I’ve got a feeling there might be a bit of tug-n-pull/yanking in my future. Glorious. Should have held out for the arc reactor.

Starting to get more excited for the release of “Blaze of Glory” in a month – although I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’ll be more excited in a year when it comes out in print. Epub is fine and all, but there’s something just sweet about holding a book in your hand. And I know that Samhain gets their books INTO the stores, so I won’t be begging my local stores to order some – there’s likely to be at least one copy in every Borders/Barnes & Noble in the entire country!

*snorgles merrily*

And then we’re off to “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” – can’t wait to see the cover Samhain comes up for this one! I’m so thrilled with the BoG cover that I have total faith in the WCIH cover being even cooler!

Now just to make it through the week to the second part of the Castle two-parter…



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