Finishing out “Read an E-Book Week” with the Classics!

I remembered after posting last time about where to get free ebooks (legally!) that I had forgotten one of the best, BEST sites.

Project Gutenberg.

I know that’s the Wikipedia reference, but it lays out the goals of this faboo site much better than I ever could. I found it amazing how many classic novels were in the public domain and available to the public. Looking for the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes stories? Looking for Jane Austin works? They’ve got them, and in so many formats that you’ll find something that’ll work for you.

Having said that, please consider donating to this fine cause or volunteering some time to help keep the files going. It’s a great site and if you love the classics, as I do, you’ll love going through the archives and seeing what’s there.

Project Gutenberg.

and, yes, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland *is* in the public domain.



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