When good comics go bad… (no, not really.)

Amazon.com removes buy buttons from Diamond’s Publishers

There’s a little bit of a backstory here – over the weekend, there was a huge sale on comic book trade paperbacks. For those of you who don’t know what those are, think “Watchmen” -type size novels. Graphic novels that basically contain an entire series, or a storyline. Most of us (mainly, my husband) delay buying a comic until the entire storyline has run its course and they release it in a nice, neat trade for your dining and dancing pleaure.

Unfortunately for those who raced to Amazon (and we did, however none of them were on our “want” list) there was a boo-boo in the pricing. Amazon didn’t put them on sale AT ALL. So there was a huge backtracking on Sunday when someone at Amazon freaked out at the number of books being sold, literally for pennies.

Needless to say, no one was too happy about this. Not Diamond, the distributors, who got nailed with having to sell a number of trades at ridiculously low prices. Not Amazon, who got nailed as well, though I don’t know if the difference came out of *their* pockets or not. And especially the customers, many of whom found out that their orders would NOT be honored, as it was an error.

So, in response to this great accident… Amazon has now suspended the Buy Button on Diamond products while they figure out the details and what/who screwed up where.


Love Amazon.

*rolls eyes*


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