Where do you get…

… your ideas?

It’s one of the easiest questions to ask a writer, but one of the hardest for us to answer. Where do you get those wonderful toys?

I can only speak for myself, but usually it’s a mishmash of articles I’ve read, books I’ve devoured and just a lot of "what if"s going through my mind.

For example, my Sunday copy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had articles on:

Women on patrol in Afghanistan – Marines helping link up with women in tribal villages and showing a softer side to the military.
Hermaphrodites and eunuchs in Pakistan creating their own communities
A fungus killing bats!
An editorial on how laptops are driving our kids into being alone more often… and not for the best reasons.
And a story on how Toyota’s going to fight the contention that the electronics are the problem, not anything physical for the cars running amok.

All of these are great reads, great articles. And I have no doubt that the information inside will, eventually, sneak into my fiction. Maybe not blatantly, but little niggly thoughts that weave their way in and out and around story ideas and come to their own fruition.

Which is why, btw, I urge you to read everything and anything, even if you don’t want to write. Read articles on history, get subscriptions to music magazines, take that step and pick up a book you wouldn’t usually read.

Go out on a limb.

‘Cause that’s where the best stories are, sometimes.



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