Allegheny Power can kiss my butt.

Well, after over a WEEK without power, we’re back home. A large hotel bill that we can’t give to our insurance company in our pockets and a great feeling of gratitude to Sara in Morgantown who took us in for at least one more night with the chance of having me move in temporarily while the hubby stayed at the cold house.

To say that I’m ticked at AP is obvious. I, a Canadian, understand all too well about the foibles of electric power and how things go. But a week + sans power is unforgivable.

And the Wookie commented that he bets the bastards don’t give a real reading next time around, just go with the "estimated" one so that they get some cash in.


Meanwhile, waiting to hear back on the acceptance of a manuscript and the approval of the cover art for "Blaze of Glory".

And laundry awaits. And rotten food. And vaccuming. And a sucky cat that’s attached to me like an alien face-hugger.

But I’m home.



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