Well, it’s been a pretty good two weeks of promotion since the book came out. I’ve had a few SL chats with people and some I know have gone on to buy the book itself. And there’s more to come in Second Life, which suits me just fine.

The oddity I’m finding in SL is that there are a *lot* of self-pubbed authors who really are slamming the promotion route in SL and probably in RL as well- and I’d be curious as to what their success rate is. I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to sell an ebook in SL due to the fact that most SL users are already pretty tech-savvy, so it’s not a near-impossible thing to sell an ebook.

But, again, every sale is a good sale.

Waiting for the first edits on "Blaze of Glory" and hearing back on "Spring Cleaning" – which makes it hard to start on a new project. I’m sort of burnt out right now as it is, so reading some light fluff and enjoying the breathing space is also on my mind, since I know that when BOG comes back in we’re going to be slamming it all the way to the finish line. And if SC sells, well…


I’m also the moderator of the NaNoWriMo subforum over at a new website, Virtual Writers’ Inc – it’s a writing group primarily in SL, but have a new site up and going. Drop on by and enjoy the conversation – you don’t have to be in Second Life to participate!

Hope everyone’s doing well surviving the winter weather and that we all have a faboo New Year!




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