Wireless and loving it!

Well, we finally got the wireless router installed today, courtesy of the Geek Squad. They are, without doubt, THE guys to go to if you’re not up on all your techie stuff, as we are. The Wookie probably could have figured it out on his own after a few hours of ranting and raving, but I really didn’t want him to put himself under that sort of stress. And it’s just not healthy.

The fellow came, installed and within the hour we were online- my laptop, strangely enough, presented the biggest problem since it’s So Old (8 yrs) that he had to sort of downgrade the bandwidth or something along those lines.


So now I can check my Facebook and Twitter on my Seesmic Desktop, get my free Kindle books and updates for all my poor old programs lickety-split and can even hang out in Second Life using the Emerald Viewer, which is a bare-bones viewer for those without fancy-dancy computers.

I haz a happy!


Although I do see my butt spreading dramatically if I don’t move off this couch…



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