Hitting the ground running for 2010…

Well, I hope everyone survived New Year’s Eve and is now racing into the next decade with a lot of hope and cheerfulness!


I’m hitting the ground running, as the title says. In two days, on January 4th, to be precise, "What God and Cats Know" is going to be released by Lyrical Press. It’s already up for pre-sale on Amazon, for you Kindle folks, and it’ll be available for almost every format under the sun, so you’ve got NO reason not to plunk down the cost of a good cuppa coffee and grab this for yourself!

I’ve just posted a second excerpt on my website – and the video goes LIVE on Monday, so keep an eye open for that!

AND this week I’m expecting the first round of edits for "Blaze of Glory" from Samhain –the webpage is already UP at Samhain, so that’s going to be a fun run to the finish on that one! It’s going to rock your socks if you like superheroes… and if you don’t, you’ll discover that you LOVE superheroes!

AND "Spring Cleaning" is IN for consideration at Samhain – hopefully they’ll take on this steampunk western romance and make my year a trifecta of fun… butwe’ll see on that, of course. Chicken, eggs, hatching and all that…


I am.


and I’m dragging you all along for the ride, so strap yourself in!



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