grumble, snort…

We headed up to Uniontown last night because a) I was feeling a little nuts from being shut in all week and b) we received the “official” email from Borders that the Borders Express in Uniontown Mall was, right now, putting all their books on sale because it’s closing in January.

This, in a nutshell, is stupid.

The Wookie’s been going there since it was a Coles, and it was elsewhere in the mall, for his entire life. He can’t remember there NOT being a bookstore in the mall, and now, thanks to Borders executive stupidity, we’ll have to drive an HOUR to Greensburg where there is the nearest Borders AND Barnes & Noble. The small saving grace is that there’s also a B&N near the hubby’s workplace and we broke down and bought a membership last year, since Borders had already started the rumors that they were cutting back.

Cutting back is one thing. Leaving entire areas sans bookstores of ANY type is another. And while we have STACKS of unread books lying around the house, ENTIRE SERIES, in fact, it’s still not going to tick me off any less that we’re almost being forced into ordering our books online because TPTB can’t figure out how to run a business. Because while you may be losing money running the smaller stores you absorbed a decade ago and didn’t have the intelligence of a gnat to close, now you’re not going to get ANY business by dumping sections of the country.

bah. humbug.


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