And, as usual, things work together sometimes for the better.

Just got the final galleys for "What God and Cats Know" – which means, after a full two days of NOT looking at anything for more than a few minutes, I can throw myself wholeheartedly into this final, FINAL reading of what I think is a darned good book!

Only SIX weeks to go until it releases from Lyrical Press!

and here’s another tasty tidbit you’ll ONLY find here!


The alleys were dark, dank and smelt like fresh urine. I ran down one, paused at an intersection then turned on my heel to charge down the other, feeling the hot breath of a Hunter.
Skidding around yet another corner, I lost my balance and slammed into the wall, hard. All I could do was flatten myself against it and hope my first strike would disable him, maybe even kill him.
The Hunter was on me before I could catch my breath, straddling me with little effort. I stared up into the feline face, trying to recognise it even while I strained to force myself to Change.
The mouth opened, the canines dripping with hot saliva. Arching his back, he screamed at the sky above us then dove down, aiming for my exposed neck.
I had nothing. Not even a whisper of extra strength, my weak human body nothing more than a shadow of what it could be. Lunging forward, I smashed my forehead into the feline face.
The tactic worked. Releasing my arms, he brought up both hands to cradle the injured nose, roaring his disapproval and pain.
Then I woke up.
He was still there.


Can you wait six weeks?


(well… you’re going to have to!)



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