And… we’re out!

Well, I gave the Nano the best effort this year, but I came up against one of the blights of a writing life.

Eye strain.

The last few days I’ve had sharp pains and whatnot, traced back to the fact that I’ve been focusing WAY too much on the laptop screen. It gets better as I walk away and take longer breaks, but you know that’s not exactly what NaNoWriMo demands of you.

So, I graciously toss in the white towel, gingerly work on "Spring Cleaning" and rest me weary poppers. I’ve still got to go over the final galleys of "What God and Cats Know" when they arrive and that’ll take much more staring at the screen than I have the strength to do right now.

To all of you still going – GO! GO! GO!

Me? I’m just going to relax and edit away and wonder about how fricking OLD I’m getting…



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