Dem Bones…

Managed to finish the first draft of "Spring Cleaning" – it’s just the bare bones, thus my need to go back NOW and start putting flesh on. I’m one of those writers who underwrites the descriptions and such, getting the events and dialogue down first. It’ll need a lot more words to start looking presentable, but it’s a fine first draft, imo!

And… just signed up for a Samhain ad in RT for the June 2010 issue to promote "Blaze of Glory"! With a review as well!

Yes, you *do* have to think that far ahead when it comes to promotion and the like… but within limits. There’s no use pushing a book that’s not coming out for months and months because you’ll lose your edge and by the time it does release, it’s old news to those people tired of hearing you prattle on already.

I’ll be kicking up the promo for "What God and Cats Know" in the next few weeks as we head for a January release. Being an ebook, there’s no problem with worrying about shipments to bookstores, and studies seem to show that ebooks have a much longer life cycle than the paper version because it *is* always available!

Meanwhile, they’re closing the Borders stores around us. In a fit of stupidity, the nearest bookstore will be a good hour’s drive away.



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