Things that go bump… in the daylight?

So… yesterday I’m out at the local Panera, spending some fine time with my sweet laptop and trying not to do too much on the novel, since I have the mad dash that is NaNo coming up next week.

Wonderful time surfing around, listening to CNN and updating all the programs that I can, since I don’t have wireless at home and thus my baby is orphaned until we go out someplace with wireless.

Get up, head out to the nearby WalMart, come back to the Starbucks a block away, sit down with a sweet cuppa chai tea and prepare for some ebook reading, or something like that.

Nogo on the powercordo.

I try EVERY outlet in the place and the light on my laptop doesn’t come on. I know it’s running on battery power and that’s only an hour or two, max. I even unplug the lamp in the corner, doing that dim ambience thang, to make sure that it’s not the shop’s owner being a jerk by only have one or two outlets on.


Okay. Not panicking. I can and I do backup writing info on flash drive, shut down and wait for the Wookie to pick me up so we can go to Best Buy. Figure that either it’s the power cord OR the laptop itself. Either is not a good situation, since I’d have to send to Toshiba for a new power cord OR have Best Buy ship the baby out for repairs.

But… what can I do? So I snuggle with my DS, get frantic with Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Scrabble and Puzzle Quest Galatrix.

Hubby shows up – we test his power cord with my laptop, but wrong model. Right make, Toshiba, wrong model.

We go to BB.

Laptop. Works. Just. Fine. Thankyouverymuch. BB Geek Squad fellow looks at me like I’m the stupidest woman EVAH.

Come on home. Works. Just. Fine.

Wookie points out, and I DID NOT KNOW THIS, that different laptops use different voltages. Thus, if the manager of the Starbucks had turned his outlets down so that the lamps plugged in would provide a dimmer light; that whole MOOD thing, then a laptop that needed More Power would Not Work.

Like mine.

And other, more recent models, who run on less power, would. Could. And Did.


So… while I’m happy that the baby is still thriving and surviving (after seven years!), it’s a warning to those of you with older models – suddenly you may find that your cord isn’t working, and it’s NOT THE CORD.


Now… NaNo beckons!



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