Once more unto the breach…

‘Cause, you know, I’m insane.

I’ve decided to toss my hat into the NaNoWriMo ring yet against this year for a variety of reasons – first, and mostly, being that I have sold my 2007 and 2008 NaNo novels – "What God and Cats Know" and "Blaze of Glory" respectively, and thus I’m trapped in the horror that is a streak, and to quote Kevin Costner in Bull Durham (THE best baseball movie ever!)  "a player on a streak has to respect the streak".

Now, you think, she just said that she was working on a steampunk novel. Shall she put it aside and start anew? Can she?

I say, nay!

What I *am* going to do is clock my wordcount at midnight on the 31st (probably after partying in SL) and then ADD 50,000 to it so that I play fair. Sure, I could start a new novel but I don’t think I want to – and to be brutally honest, with only 20,000 words on "Spring Cleaning" done, I need something to force me to get it done and at a decent length.

So… November will be another silly month of dragging the laptop into the den and writing while watching and giving support in Second Life to all the other NaNo writers and hoping that lightning strikes a third time.

It’d be nice.



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