Kindle take-backs…

Interesting article here about what Amazon’s policy is, regarding what they can and can’t remove from the Kindle. Not really much there, but they had to clarify due to the idiotic problem that happened with the Orwell book.

I’m of two minds here – first, obviously I’m not keen on anyone knowing or being able to know and delete what I would have on ANY ebook reader… but I feel for the Amazon folks, who had to do something or face a huge lawsuit by the Orwell estate due to money lost by these pirates that put up the book as their own. There should be better gatekeepers at Amazon, and I’m sure there are NOW to keep such nits from grabbing money due rightfully to authors and their estate, but Amazon was really caught between a rock and a hard place and deleting the book from all Kindles that had purchased it was the lesser of two evils. Still, their PR department really sucked when it came to communication about same, and they should really be picking up the slack and assuring the public that it’s not going to be a mad rush to delete books whenever someone at Amazon gets a bee in their bonnet about something. Well, it’s a brand new world out there and someone’s got to start somewhere…

Good Lord.

"Bee in their bonnet".

I truly am getting old…


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