a very busy week…

It’s been one heck of a busy week, as you can guess…

I’ve got a tentative release date of April, 2010 from Samhain Publishing for "Blaze of Glory" – it releases about the same time as the Romantic Times convention in Columbus, Ohio, so I’m debating if I should perhaps go to the convention and push it there. It’ll be the ebook release, with the paper version coming out in the early months of 2011, as per my contract. I’m anxious to see how a superhero romance book does, to tell you the truth – and I’m still in shock that I get to list Samhain as one of my publishers!

We dropped about three grand on the car for a "new" transmission – since Ford doesn’t have any current Taurus model that’s compatible with ours, we went with the dealership’s suggest and got one from their factory, refurbished or some such thing. Of course, now it’s acting up and we barely got it back. Probably going to get another "new" one installed while it’s still under the dealership warranty, but it’s a pain to deal with rental cars, etc. while getting the problem solved. Of course, they pointed out the Nice Shiny New Taurus on the lot for "only" $40,000, but that’s a wee bit beyond our reach right now.


Waiting for the next stage at Lyrical Press for "What God and Cats Know" – I believe now it’s off to the copy editor, who will probably find many errors that the editor and myself missed. There’s about seven stages a manuscript goes through at LP, so you can bet that by the time it goes to press it’s been picked over time and time again. Sure, some errors may still get through thanks to human nature, but it’s certainly not for lack of effort! And it’s a much better book than it started out to be, thanks to ND’s magnificent editing and suggestions. If anyone ever says that he/she doesn’t need editing, smack them in the side of the head.

Off to the doctor’s this weekend to see what’s up with my hip. I fear that old age is finally catching up with this old broad, since I can’t sit at the computer too long before pains go down one leg and it aches almost all the time. Of course, dislocating two joints in my spine in my misspent youth may have something to do with it… *sighs* But at least my broken finger is finally healed and it doesn’t hurt too much to type. Although the Catholic in me says something about pain being good for the soul or something… drat it!

And it’s time for the Autumn Writers Exhibition in Second Life!!! Each year the kind souls at the Written Word, Jilly Kidd and Hastings Bournemouth, arrange for a series of tents and stalls to be put out on land donated by Thinkerer Melville for writers to showcase their works and services, both in and out of Second Life. I participated last year, but frankly didn’t have much to put up. This year I’m tossing up links to Samhain and Lyrical, giving away some short stories, and pointing them to my virtual bookstore in SL where I provide links to Project Gutenberg books, highlighting the number of classics that are in the public domain! It’d be better if I actually had books to sell, but it’s definitely a chance to do some PR for the next year!

And… that’s about it. Other than to note that Zyngo is still my poison of choice in SL and camping at casinos my new hobby.



4 thoughts on “a very busy week…

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting the line edits to return soon for WGACK. I must say I’ve grown quite partial to Reb and Bran.
    And congrats on the Samhain gig! That’s a nice quill to stick in your hat!

  2. I’m eagerly awaiting the line edits to return soon for WGACK. I must say I’ve grown quite partial to Reb and Bran.
    And congrats on the Samhain gig! That’s a nice quill to stick in your hat!

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