dribblings and such…

Well, it’s been a busy two weeks. Got the parental unit off and away, and raced back to my work on "Blaze of Glory" to get it ready. Didn’t want to make the editor wait, considering she asked for the full, so I finished it up yesterday and now it’s in her inbox… we’ll see where it goes from there; I’d love to sell to this publisher. It’d be a Good Thing.


Meanwhile, my back has seriously given out on me – possibly because of all the rain we’ve been having, partially because of the stress of said parental unit visiting. I’ve had to cut down/out on a lot of my workout activities just because it’s too darned painful. Although the Wookie does a mean back massage; I can tell you that… it’s still a day-to-day thing whether I run for the Aleve or not. If it’d just stop raining…


And now that my Muse is wandering free again, we’re chugging away on a steampunk western story – we’ll see where she goes, but it’s interesting to scoot over to a new genre. Because, ya know… I can!


And over here, at The Fib Review, you can find one of my poems!!! If you’ve never delved into the Fibonacci way of doing poetry, take a look… it may appeal to you math geeks. I sure found it interesting to create with this sort of format…



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