bits and pieces…

Well, still hammering on "Blaze of Glory" to make sure it’s all polished up and special to go out in the mail this weekend… of course, I keep getting distracted by buying pretty baubles in Second Life for me avatar!


I attended the Walt Whitman discussion last night again, although lag problems had us relocate to Winterfell, a beautiful sim with a faboo library. The talk went well, though I got lost a few times in the finer points of "Song of Myself" when we jumped ahead and I was behind scribbling notes in my paperback copy purchased from Barnes & Noble for just that reason. However, still enjoying and looking forward to the next meeting in two weeks! The head librarian, Mr. Drinkwater, is always thoughtful enough to rez a small toadstool for yours truly to sit down on – being a tiny clockwork dragon is quite bothersome at times.

And I proved to myself that I do have at least ONE female fashion gene when I spent most of yesterday finding a nice outfit to wear and then tossing a fit when SL was lagging out and I thought they would cancel the meeting. NOT after I bought a new outfit, I say! NAY!

*rolls eyes*

And just now visited a virtual King Tut exhibit – more details here in a blog that has more details, but well worth the visit. I actually saw the original exhibit when it toured many, MANY years ago and visited Toronto, but didn’t really appreciate it at the time due to just being young and in a grumpy mood. The graphics are fantastic and if you go into Second Life for nothing else, visit this exhibit. The audio presentations alone make it worth it.

Meanwhile upgraded from the Wii Fit to the EA Active. We also purchased the Gold’s Gym Cardio workout, but the Wookie’s not as much into boxing as I am. The EA Active may or may not work for us; on my first try today it about killed me with the "easy" work out. I think I’ll spend more time creating custom workouts such as the boxing and the dance and keep away from the formatted one. The only major complaint I have about the game to this point is that there’s no way to "see" the workout until you start it…

And, after almost a year…

my broken left pinky finger seems to be finally able to type without pain. I still flex it a lot and I think it’ll be a prime candidate for arthritis in a few years, but at least I’m not wincing in pain every time I use it. Which is a lot.

Back to BoG!


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