Had a great time at the Pennwriters conference up here in Pittsburgh; did my moderator co-ordinator thang and ran around like a fool getting things done, but it was Good.

Good as in getting not one, but TWO surprise chances to pitch "Blaze of Glory" to agents that suddenly had a hole in their schedule. One requested the first three chapters and a synopsis; the other didn’t seem to "get" what I was talking about – but I put that down to my screwing up the delivery more than anything else. I have a knack for being able to get lucky when under panicky stress and then screwing up when I get a chance to prepare. Go figure.

Speakers were faboo, panels were faboo… especially the one by Susan Gable, who Knows Of What She Speaks and delivers good workshops. And don’t even ask about how mindblowing the food was at the hotel… urp…

So today is unpack, get said partial ready to be mailed off this weekend, get unpacked, get caught up on everything I didn’t do because of preparing for the conference, get unpacked… and getting my Second Life fix.

Totally sad.

But… fun!



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