bits and pieces…

well, we were *supposed* to get through the first 100 lines of "Song of Myself" at the Whitman gathering in SL last night.

we got through ten.


found the tiny community; though I’m still on the wall – I could easily become such a clothes horse (otter? weasel?) and spend $L like they’re going out of style…

and a week to go before the Pennwriters Conference. I’m still wrangling a few open spots on the panels/workshops for moderators, but it’s coming together rather well. Although I must admit that I’m going primarily to be sociable; not really to learn anything. Most of the workshops aren’t my genre (s) and many of them I’ve already gotten the speeches before. It’s a sort of sad thing when you realise that you’ve been around so long that you know of what they speak. Although some of the speakers are going to be interesting peeps, still…

but there will be cake.

and that’s all that’s really important.


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