You Wanna Get Nuts! Let’s Get Nuts…

Every year in Second Life there’s an event called the Relay For Life, raising money for the American Cancer Society through a variety of events and so forth.

I had the fun chance to bid on getting some Really Nice Stuff from Noble Charron at Third Life and Farpoint – Noble Charron is the SL name of… Michael A. Stackpole. Yes, THAT Stackpole.

Didn’t get what I wanted during the auction but in the giddy aftermath it was noted that someone had paid an obscene amount of Lindens (the SL currency) to have Stackpole wear a collar and bark like a dog.

I cannot pass up this chance.

I offer the same obscene amount for him to do it again, here, in front of about twenty people.

He does.

The photograph is here.

Yay, verily – I may never ever be as successful as him but darn it – I hope I’m as good a sport as he is.



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