Book Review: Never-Never Land by Adele Ward

One of the hardest things to do is review a poetry book – unlike nonfiction and fiction you cannot simply dissect bad grammar or spelling or moan at the sentence fragments because sometimes good poetry has all of the above. Or none of the above. It is just that hard to decide what "works" and what does not; one of the reasons I don’t usually review poetry books.


Here is the exception: Never-Never Land by Adele Ward. Put out recently by Bluechrome Publishing, this is the first of what I hope is a continuing series of poetry books from a British Poet Who Gets It. And by It, I mean the ability to communicate with the masses without having them roll their eyes or fall into a coma.


The settings for the poems range from Italy across Europe and back to London, where the author weaves flawless images in different languages and gives the reader the gift of travel; the pictures clear in the mind’s eye. Some of these poems have already been award-winners; taking prizes from the BBC and an international poetry competition. Others have been read on the BBC and are now compiled into an easy-to-read, at hand copy for anyone looking for an excellent addition to their collection.


Be warned, however – keep a box of tissue at hand. "Third Child" will tear your heart out even if you have never had children. The rest of the poems will have you smiling, laughing and enjoying poetry as it was meant to be – a great adventure for the reader without leaving the chair. An enjoyable read and a book I intend to revisit again and again!


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