And we have a WINNAH!

Rolled over at 50,110 and nowhere near the finish. Big battle still to be done!

But another except ’cause I can.



It’s one of the stranger things about our world – everything has an electromagnetic field. Everything. From humans to rocks to grass to street lights to water. And it had become my trick to be able to manipulate them.

     Except I was now trying to not only surf myself but three fully-grown adults. One of which, May informed me at the last minute, couldn’t swim.

     "You can do this." Mike stood next to me on the roof of our building, the speakers amplifying his voice. "Just spread it out over me. Stretch it like you’re making a pizza."

     "I don’t cook." My hands moved outward; grabbing the bubble I had created around me.

     "Look, you create an opposing charge to the fields around you. That’show you ‘surf’." The metal suit knelt down beside me. "Just extend it over me."

     The shimmering circle moved outwards, touching the cool metal and expanding over the surface.

     "There ya go." The voice was calm and confident. "Now when you’re ready, lift us up."

     As soon as the aura covered us both I began to push off from the rough gravel; holding my breath as we rose one feet, two feet…

     And crashed back down, so hard that I swear I heard rivets pop from Mike’s suit.

     "It’s okay, it’s okay." The mellow chuckles calmed me as I lay flat on my back, staring up into a cloudless sky. "We’ll work on it."

     Except we never had.

     I swallowed hard, pushing down the ball of fear rolling around in my stomach. "I just don’t want to kill anyone."

     "Understood." Hunter appeared at my right side. He had changed out of his white dress shirt into a dark blue turtleneck which combined with his jeans and leather trench coat made him almost invisible, combined with the cheap dark hair dye. May had demanded that David take her out on a brief shopping trip before the mission which was just as well – getting her away from Jessie as he worked on the jury-rigged backpack was just what I needed. However, when she returned with enough hair dye to do not only herself but Hunter as well. Harris had chortled the entire time as the Guardian had handed himself over to his super’s tender ministrations, taking full command of the small bathroom and most of the kitchen. I just prayed that she didn’t think of camo paint.

     "You’ll be fine." Hunter took hold of my right hand, nodding as May clutched my left so tightly that I began to worry about circulation. Behind me Harris let out a harrumph of annoyance as he grabbed a nylon loop on the special harness we had rigged up for me to wear.

     "Damned silly." He grumbled under his breath, just loud enough for me to hear.

     "Shut. Up." I ground my teeth together, concentrating on building the field around me. Slowly it began to move outwards like a large transparent bubble; swallowing us all up in a light blue aura.

     "Looking good." The whisper wasn’t meant for anyone else to hear but I saw Dillon’s nod out of the corner of my eye. Biting down on my lower lip I raised my voice. "Okay, everyone hold on. Dillon, as soon as we get out over the water you can start briefing us – I’ll need the distraction."

     "Right." The Guardian let out a low huff of air as we began to rise off of the black asphalt shingles, his running shoes dangling in the air.

     May’s fingers tightened around mine; Harris’ yanking on the harness not so bad as I maneuvered him to stay behind me at the full extent of the nylon loop. Didn’t need a dirty old man grabbing me from behind, thank you very much.

     As we rose into the air over Queen Street West I looked out over the city; spotting the Tower to our left, a faint light on the far horizon signaling the approach of dawn.

     "This is… nice." May grinned, activating her internal mike.

     "Yeah, I’m loving this." Harris growled with a bit of fear in his voice. I couldn’t help smiling at the discomfort.



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