NaNoWriMo tips from an old broad…

I’m at about 4500 and chugging along… got an excerpt up on my nano page if anyone wants to take a peek…

Thought I’d post a few tips to help people along… or at least make you think about what you’re doing.

First, it’s a marathon – not a sprint. It’s always depressing when you see someone else shooting by you and posting 10, 20K within the first week and you’re plugging along to try and get your 1660 a day… but take heart, you’ve got the entire month! If they finish ahead of you, that’s good for them – but don’t start judging yourself by what someone else has managed to do. Maybe they’re just a faster typist than you are; maybe they did a better job of laying out their story… and maybe you’ll catch up and pass them in a week! So don’t get hooked into the game of reading stats to death.

Second, pace your Nano activities – it’s great to see so many groups forming in RL and Second Life, but keep your eyes on the prize – don’t fall into the trap of socializing for the sake of socializing and forgetting you’ve got a novel to write! So hit those parties and blog and Twitter or whatever you do but don’t forget there’s something behind the hype!

And last… don’t bust something if you don’t make it. There’s plenty of perfectly valid reasons for not finishing it and only you know if and when it’s time to just lay back and let it go. You can always pick the project up again in a few days or weeks or months after the crisis has passed, no matter what it is. And when it’s right to write, you’ll know.

Now get back to writing!



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