Under the catagory of WTH…

Submitted for your recommendation – the latest info on Blu Phi’er Publishing.

Seems that the owner sent out a mass mailing to all the authors detailing their royalties, if any, and how much they OWE the company. Courtesy of The Rusty Nail.

I don’t even KNOW where to begin to discuss about how totally wrong this is. First, and this is just from a gut reaction, how the heck do you feel about having your royalties shared with everyone else on that list? Sure, it’s nice to know how the other authors in your company are doing, but… that’s just wrong. On so many levels that it’s mindboggling.

Next, the amount owed. Now I’m assuming that the authors won’t actually be BILLED for this but it’s still… wrong. As I’ve said many times before – you may not get into writing to get rich, but you sure don’t get into it to go into debt!

However, as this post on Absolute Write points out, this is all perfectly legal due to the contract that the authors signed. Yep, all laid out there in black and white and they signed off on it – so technically they don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware clarifies right here exactly how wrong it is. But, again, if the authors signed off on it…

I guess the moral of the story is to READ the contract before you SIGN off on it and make sure to get every little point clarified. I know that all too well although I’m luckier than these poor stiffs. Not to mention the impoliteness of having your personal finances tossed through the internet in a mass mailing. Tres gauche.

As Uncle Jim has said many times – it’s better to NOT be published than to be published BADLY. Think this sort of illustrates that.



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