Wii are running… sort of…

Well, the Wook’s managed to lose over 20 pounds (currently at about 24 lost) and I’m struggling to lose anything other than my temper… so we’ve now moved to the run section of the Wii Fit.

Basically it’s much like the Step portion, but you get to run through a virtual island. Totally gorgeous and the programming is fantastic! You can vary your route if you chase a little dog at certain points, but the runs are three, six and fifteen minutes around the island, through tunnels and over waterfalls. And there’s a free run that just clocks you in for ten, twenty and thirty minutes of running.

So today I clocked in the 15 minutes advanced run and 10 minutes free which came to just over a mile. I don’t totally run; it’s more of a powerwalk to keep everything moving and keep the jiggling down to a minimum.

Again, so much more in this program that we still haven’t exploited over three months after buying the darned thing. Still working on the snowboarding part and there’s yoga poses and strength training that we dare not try until we get a whole lot lighter.


now if I could only send in pre-programmed men to jog in front of me for inspiration… hmm… 



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