When idiots don’t know when to shut up…

You can’t be serious.

I must admit that having grown up in Canada I never saw or experienced a lot of racism – yes, I’m white, but Canada prides itself on being able to raise children in a multicultural atmosphere where we can all just get along. I’ve had Muslim friends who prayed for me during my bout with cancer and I prayed for them when a family member passed away and we respected each others’ culture. They accepted me as a woman in a uniform in a very un-Muslim job for women and I accepted their right to worship during the daytime, as anyone should. We respected their holidays and vice versa. 

Caribana in Toronto is a fantastic event that everyone should attend at least once. The food will rock you if the music doesn’t and who can’t love steel bands? And yet there are still people out there, adults to boot, who somehow judge people based on their religion and/or the color of their skin. I can’t say that Canada is any less racist than the US, but idiots like this make it hard to argue different.

A pox on their heads, all of them. There’s enough troubles in the world without making it worse with this sort of silliness.

Needless to say I won’t ever be subbing to this magazine, as if I’d ever heard of it.


Note: yes, there’s a certain ethics about posting private emails on public boards, but I have to agree that you do have to call out idiots like this when it’s something so awful. And anyone who would hold this poor author to the fire for doing so should really take a step back and seethe righteousness in exposing such a racist.


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