we’ve decided to add the daily run to our Wii Fit workout, even tho just the three-minute run is enough to have us both panting wildly…

the Wook has lost over ten pounds, me only about three – but it’s done an excellent job of toning our muscles and certainly helped rehab my back, so I have no complaints at all. I’m actually surprised that the board hasn’t broken or needed to be repaired after almost three months of near-nonstop use and abuse, so… go Nintendo! I’m at the point with the Wii Fit that if anyone needs a testamonial about it, drop me a line! I’m not sure how “official” the yoga segment is, but I can attest to everything else being an excellent way to work out – especially if you’re in an area with lots of rain and/or lack of sidewalks/safe places to walk!


finger is doing much better; will probably be brave enough to attempt real typing next week – have work on the burner that’s not gonna wait forever – short stories to resub, write and that RPG to get done!

P.S. Sorry, Dan – nothing about you today. Check back tomorrow!


hope everyone has a great weekend!


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