hot, hot hot…

wow… it’s really danged hot here – mid 80’s and it’s really affected my workout.

my right ankle, which has always been a weak spot with me, finally decided to throb so badly that I had to put the brace on and do my workout with it on for the first time. Needless to say, it showed in my results. I made it through my 30 minute step, but… sheesh. I’m putting it down to the humidity and hoping that it doesn’t become a regular pain, so to speak.


got two rejections over the weekend and as soon as I get rehydrated and toweled off properly I’ll be on the hunt again for places to submit them. I refuse to let stories stagnate in my file for longer than a day or maybe a weekend before sending them back out again. It’s just not healthy. And heck, how can I GET rejected if I don’t even send them out?


meanwhile I’m sending off a proposal for a True20 RPG quickie to a small company – if they like it I’ll be back into doing some RPG stuff, which I do like. Again, doesn’t make you rich but at least it’s fun and a great way to do a story, when you think about it.

as for my last post – don’t mean to be a downer for all the new and aspiring writers out there, but it’s becoming more and more evident to this old broad that you can’t just “write” a story – you have to be an accountant, a lawyer and an expert in deciphering doublespeak in this business. Which tends to push me more towards short stories, fanfiction and RPG work. At least there if you get screwed over it doesn’t hurt for as long, I think…


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