still can’t do da tree…

… but otherwise the Wii Fit is still kicking butt – primarily mine. I’ve managed to survive both the basic step and the advanced; now I get the ten/twenty/thirty minute free step that I can do to any music I want.

*cue up Speed Racer soundtrack*

heh, heh…

I’m not sure if I’m actually LOSING weight but I’m sure working myself over, which is all Good. The Wookie’s enjoying it as well, especially the slalom race where he’s just racking up the records. I unlocked the snowboarding game which is rather interesting. Can’t say that we’ve found anything wrong with this game to date; it appeals to both of us and we certainly find enough different games so that we’re both still interested after a week. Which is a bonus for this old broad, says I.

I have to admit that it’s a pretty good fitness program IF you know what you’re doing – I stretch out first with the yoga then move to the strength training and then to the aerobics/balance games after that… the variety of exercises and games are definitely the bonus to the game!

went and saw Indy 4 on the weekend – as the Wook said, a GREAT X-Files movie… not so much the Indy movie that I would have wanted. LaBoeuf may have been the darling of the circuit but I saw better acting out of Hirsch for Speed Racer, and THAT was a cartoon character! Eeek… but it was good to see old Harrison still slinging that whip!

working on some original fic and, of course, some SR fanfiction because I’m still enthralled with a world that worships cars that go 500 miles an hour. Yum!

other than that, all’s quiet on the home front. At least for another two weeks until my mother comes to visit. Yes, it’s all you can think of and more.



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