so… Wii Fit is kicking my butt.

and it’s only the first day.

well, technically the second – the Wookie brought it home last night and we set up our profiles. Thank goodness the scale is tough enough to take our weight. Just not together, I mean.

there’s an unsettling thing about the program – aside from the “scanning” image that reminds me of “Ghost In The Shell” my trainer has the same voice and attitude, I fear, as the Major from GITS. And if you know anything about the show that’s a Bad Thing.


however, did some yoga, “strength training” (most of which was me falling OFF the board), did a light jog around the virtual island (which is probably as far as I’ve run in my life without having to catch a plane) and skied slalom. Into the poles. Painfully. And dropped some marbles through a game that proves that maybe I can swivel these old hips enough to not be a fool at Hula hoops.

updates to follow. The only good thing is that I get to put the Wook on the board tonight.

heh, heh.

almost got the SR fanfic bug outta my system… maybe… well, there’s worse things to be hooked on right now. 

Speed/Trixie crack, it is.

however I’ve got to drag myself BACK to the original stuff… it may not pay well, but it pays. 

when it sells.


pardon me while I go find a cup of tea and collapse on the couch.

ps. yes, the SR stuff is up at under my real name. I have no shame.

at least it’s not slash.


*runs away*


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