go… to the drive in!

well, the Wookie’s relented to allowing me another childish urge – this one to scoot to the neighborhood drive in for tonight’s showing of Speed Racer… a movie that I must admit I’ve rather been interested in since I saw the faboo music video.

now it’s gotten pretty decent reviews – some good, some bad – but I think the bad ones are missing the point – it’s SUPPOSED to be campy. Campy as in those messy S’mores we remember from those childhood parties and that when we make now, taste somewhat different since we’ve gotten jaded on life. And Panera Bread sandwiches. But I digress…

Campy is a good thing, in my world. Show me a movie that’s fun and exciting and that blows me out of this world for a few hours and I’ll love it all the way to DVD. Iron Man did that for me last week and I’m figuring Speed is going to do it for me tonight. Even though I have a fear of heights and am constantly slamming my foot down on the imaginary brake pedal in my passenger seat of the car. Go figure.

And aside from the nostalgia factor I *heart* the drive in because it’s such a great place to see people in their natural environment – and, as a writer, it’s important to expose yourself (so to speak!) to as many different people as you can – otherwise you end up watching “Oprah” and “Jerry Springer” and trying to use them in your stories. Which may work for some, but not for others. Well, okay – more than some. And my neighborhood drive in is very civilized with security details making the rounds to make sure that you don’t park your frakking HUGE truck up front and the food is decent, surprisingly enough. But we’re still going to hit McDonald’s before we go in and stash healthy snacks to alleviate the guilt in the back seat.

Long live Campy movies. Especially monsters like “Mega-Force”. And everything on Sci-Fi Channel on a Saturday night.

Go Speed Racer, GO!!!


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