Insomnia and how it can be your friend…

well, either because I’m approaching middle age or menopause I’ve been stricken with bouts of insomnia – either I fall asleep like a log for eight hours or I flip back and forth like a pancake on a griddle for a few hours and then drift off for a few minutes then back again.

fortunately I’ve figured out how to make this work to my advantage – since I can’t really get up and do things on the computer or play games (the Wookie wakes up if I twitch and since he actually WORKS for a living it’s in my best interests to keep him asleep until the alarm goes off!) I’ve started moving my mind into a default mode to just create writing ideas and work on stories while waiting to pass out…

since I don’t have a job technically that I have to jump out of bed and go and do, it’s obviously less stressful and just annoying – but I’ve managed to create quite a few short stories just by sitting there and letting my mind flow along various paths and whatnots that lead to some pretty cool stories. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Better than trying to work the DS in dim light and afraid of waking Da Man up.

and speaking of DS – loving my new game, Heroes of Mana. Not as addictive as Professor Layton( and if you don’t have that game WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!) but still a good play. And I finally got the Williams Classic Pinball Collection for the Wii. Loving it. Not as good as the originals, but since my days of hanging out in the pinball parlors on Yonge Street at 3 am are over, they’ll have to do.

Lord knows how I didn’t end up in some alleyway with my throat cut. Although I did have a sweeat fellow pick me up by buying me a few games and then take me to a gay bar, revealing that he was gay but found me strangely attractive… but that’s a story for another day.



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