Argh! It’s making me THINK!!!

Over a year ago the Wookie got me a Nintendo DS for Christmas, helping my addiction to handheld games continue. I’m the proud owner of two original GameBoys, the ones that took EIGHT AA batteries – migrated to the next GB and then to the GBA, which is currently in the hands of my niece and nephew up in Midland, Canada. And now I’m stacking up games for the DS when I find something I like.

Which, sorry to say, doesn’t involve a lot of shooting. I’ve discovered that along with getting worse eyesight and a butt that just won’t stop expanding that I’ve also lost a bit of hand/eye co-ordination which makes the shooter games rather impossible for me to finish. Not to mention that I find them boring and just nasty. It’s the Canuck in me.

So when I saw Professor Layton and the Curious Village advertised for the DS, I thought it’d be worth picking up a copy. After all, how hard could a puzzle game be? I’m 44 this year, college-educated and darned well literate.


If you have a Nintendo DS or know someone who does, get this game as soon as you can. The images remind me of “The Triplets of Belleville” with the animation (yes! movies!) and the puzzles are anything BUT simple. Trust me, you’ll need scrap paper and plenty of time to figure out the goodies here.

And there’s already a sequel planned! Squee!

Go, look… get!

And for those of you wondering what this has to do with writing… it’s a nice break to work on a puzzle or three and get your mind cleared. As well, it’s been proven that to fight off those nasty brain cramps in your later years it’s a Good Thing to work the wee grey cells every now and then. And this is a fine, FINE game for that!


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