Why I enjoy being a Luddite when it comes to ebooks…

I’ve pretty well decided that unless there’s an ebook reader produced for under a hundred dollars I’m going to remain a firm paperbook reader – it’s just not worth it to spend hundreds of dollars on an ebook reader that’s probably going to be outdated within months, the way technology is going…

but… I have found what may be THE program for those peeps who want to collect the PDF’s of their favorite books and so forth and have them organized.

Adobe Digital Editions – http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/

first, it’s VERY idiot-friendly – something I demand in this day and age when I grew up with punchcards and used to ink in BASIC programs on same. What it does is allow you to load up your PDF files into a main database and then resort them according to “bookshelves”. I have four bookshelves on my laptop – RPG books, Nonfiction, Fiction and Go books for my attempts to learn this ancient game. You add the books into a main file of “All books” and then resort them into new bookshelves as you wish. You can display the covers or just list them.

but the best part?


now, for an old broad like me who multi-tasks like a nutbar, that’s faboo. That means that I can switch from reading Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” (thanks to an attempt to read some classics I’ve neglected in my lifetime) to my RPG books to do some freelance writing for Precis Intermedia, to my nonfiction books about Gladiators to my Go instructional books and KEEP MY PAGE. Every time you open up the file it’ll automatically go to where you last viewed the page. Just think about that for a second. Instead of flipping through pages or making notes or bookmarks or all that, you just open the file and it puts you right there. What a Godsend!

I’ve already dumped over 80+ PDF files into my laptop database and shift over all the ones I pick up for free on Wowio (see previous post about this faboo website!) and plan to keep on adding. The only caveat about it, and it’s probably about ebooks in general, is that I’ve managed to orphan some books. There was a free e-Harlequin giveaway in December that put me onto this program, but I can’t “move” the books off of my mainframe here to the laptop. All Adobe does is tell me that they can’t open the files, which I believe means that unless I have the net connection available, I can’t read the books. I do have them “on” my laptop for when I hit a Panera Bread and have wireless connections, but… which is why I only have free ebooks at the moment. No investment, no major loss. YMMV, of course!

Anyway, for those of you looking for a FREE ebook organizer, I recommend this highly. And until they come up with a cheap ebook reader (curse you, Steve Jobs! People DO read!) I’ll be using this for the time being. Go, look… organize!


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