Official Linky Day!

Being a Bear of Very Little Mind… or a writer, or a Canadian or any mixture of the above, I thought I’d spare you my mindless ramblings and instead point you to some interesting links today!

First… for those of you into comics, witness the worst mistake of the decade. Century. Millenium!,2933,323113,00.html

in a nutshell, some idiot has decided to mess up the marriage of Peter Parker (aka SpiderMan) and Mary Jane. Me not happy at all. Are all comic executives insecure adolescent boys who figure that no one ever gets married and can stay happy? Bah!

Second, the story of the moment – Cassie Edwards, a BIG romance writer who loves her “noble savage” characters and who has written more novels than I have toes, has been accused of plagarism… many times over! Check out one response from one of the authors (nonfiction!) she seems to have plagarised. The guy’s a comic genius!

And last, lest we not forget, the wonderful world of free ebooks. Honest. No gimmicks here. No piracy either, so don’t fret – I don’t support those jerks!

Go forth now… and have a good day!


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