Blatherings on Christmas Eve…

Blatherings on Chistmas Eve…

I just visited a faboo channel on Youtube – yes, I know there’s much more to life than watching cats fight dogs to Kung Fu Fighting or some such thang, but check this out:

yes, it’s the Royal Channel. A great place right now for Monarchists like me to see some fine old footage of Her Majesty over the years and to enjoy the access to one of the finest ladies of our time.

I know – why be a monarchist? Aside from that socialist connection to Canada, why and how could anyone support a monarchy in this day and age? After all, aren’t they just overpaid fluff on the back of the working man.

Probably. But we need them.

There’s nothing more inspirational, to me at least, than seeing a young man or woman step up and accept responsibility. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was thrilled to see the two young Princes head into the military and proud that Prince Harry demand to be posted to Iraq if his unit was to be deployed. He wasn’t going to shirk his job or ask to be transferred out and leave his men to go in harm’s way without him.

And that’s missing from a lot of lives these days – especially those in Hollywood. Can you imagine Paris Hilton or one of the famous “gangstas” taking on such a leadership role? Standing up and saying “No, these are my people and my responsibility and I will not desert them when they need me the most.”

That, my friends, is what leadership is about. What royalty is about.

Sure, it’s not likely that either Prince Harry or William, God willing, will ever see battle. It’s not like the good old days when the British King rode into battle at the head of his troops or was in danger constantly of being either assassinated from without or within. But here you have two young men following the traditions of their fathers, their grandfathers and their ancestors in choosing to put their time and effort into a military career, at least for the time being. Because, let’s face it – they don’t have to. They can be having a lark in the nightclubs or dashing around Hollywood or just hanging out at the casinos in Monte Carlo; who would care? No one expects them to actually *do* anything; they’re royalty. They’ve made missteps, that’s for sure – but they at least acknowledge that they’ve screwed up and apologize – unlike some *other* celebs who seem to figure that not only do the rules not apply to them, they don’t need to apply to anyone.

Yet here they are, ready and willing to lead not only their men (and women) to war, but to accept the position of same. And at a darned young age, when you think about it. Their counterparts in LA or NYC are busy doing anything other than taking care of their responsibilities – just turn on TMZ or VH1 to see that in action.

So… that’s why I’m a Monarchist. That’s why I’ll be listening to the Queen’s message tomorrow night when it’s on the Royal Channel. And enjoying being a subject of Her Majesty and one day a loyal subject of her son and her grandchildren. Because, at least in the case of Princes William and Harry, they represent a darned good future for the youth of today.

Much better than Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and those of their ilk.


2 thoughts on “Blatherings on Christmas Eve…

  1. Being a Monarchist
    Well said. I appreciate your “confession” and agree with everything you wrote. This world needs Monarchs and not more self centred politicians.

  2. Being a Monarchist
    Well said. I appreciate your “confession” and agree with everything you wrote. This world needs Monarchs and not more self centred politicians.

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