Everything old is New again…

I’m dying here in a pool of delicious agony.

Background: I’ve been a HUGE fan of Berkley Breathed’s comic strips for years. First Bloom County, then Outland and presently Opus in my Sunday Paper. I still have some stuffed wee penguins around here.

So recently, due to a serious bout of depression, when I grabbed my well worn copy of “Bloom County Babylon: Five years of Bloom County” off the shelf I figured it’d be a nice trip down memory lane.

It’s worse.

The cartoons are actually CURRENT to the present-day situations. He pulls no punches on politics and the like, and while the names are different (back in the 80’s for you young’uns) it’s just as funny and as relevant.

I’m scared.

I’m laughing.

I’m… just gonna kick back and watch my DVD copy of “A Wish For Wings That Work” and laugh at Bill and Opus.

It’s a good thing. I think.



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