Why YOU need to buy a copy of “The Second Line”!

Well, I’ve decided to cast off my natural Canadian shyness and tell you, outright, why you need to purchase a copy of “The Second Line” for Christmas or even as a New Year’s Present.

1) Support your local Canadian!

Look, I’m a Canuck awash in a strange land. You know how tough it is to live with Americans? It’s deer hunting season here – I’m seeing more neon orange than I did in the Seventies! And while I love the woodsy outdoor look it gets a bit terrifying the tenth time you see deer racing across the highway to get away from said hunters – don’t see that in Toronto!

2) Support your small press!

Sure, you can buy Ken Follett’s latest epic endorsed by Oprah. But why go with the crowds? Why put more money into the pockets of large publishers who probably don’t really care that you can’t lift that book to save your life or who really, really think that you’re going to keep buying books based on a celeb’s reference? Get books from small publishers and see what’s out there that’s *not* endorsed by famous people! Heck, BECOME a famous person by reading a few small press books and then telling others about them!

3) Support a Torontonian!

Yep, I’m calling on all you Trawna peeps to help out here – the book takes place IN Toronto! A foreign location for these Americans, but we know the city – we know it deserves a whole lot better than to be a stand-in for New York City or worse… Chicago! Parkdale, Casa Loma, Forest Hills… it’s all here for those of you who know your city well and want to run wild in!

4) Support a woman!

Look, I’m an old broad. Not *that* old, but getting on in years. I’m working on a second, and a third book, but there ain’t gonna be much more coming outta this crazed old mind if I can’t sell this one. Which, of course, is the reason for the post. Why let the men have all the fun!

And finally, the best and last reason why you need to buy a copy of “The Second Line”…


’nuff said.


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