Thankgiving Vampire Trivia!

Just in time for American Thanksgiving: While not technically a vampire, the Wendigo is a fearsome creature, found primarily in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. While some might think he’s related to Sasquatch, this ancient creature has his own horrible past.

This hapless creature would be created through the rough lifestyle and death of early travelers. Failing to find anything to eat, a trapper or mountain man might fall upon the final frontier – the need to devour human flesh to stay alive! But there would be a price to pay… once he broke this ancient taboo he would transform into a huge shaggy human, over fifteen feet high with yellowing teeth and fangs with matted dirty fur covering his body.

Cursed to stay apart forever from humanity for his crime, the Wendigo wanders the North Woods, seeking his next meal.

So for all you turkey-lovers… maybe you should check what’s really under that crispy skin!

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