Why I love Court TV…

A thousand years ago, when I first arrived in the good old USA from my native Canada I was more or less lost in the television void. Sure, a lot of the same programs I watched were available, but there was just so much *more* to fill my wee little mind with. Least of which was, of course, the Sci-Fi Channel. That ran Stargate SG-1.

’nuff said.

But then 9/11 happened and I basically fried my mind watching the horrific events unfold on the screen in front of me. So I turned and turned and turned the channel (using the remote, yes, I know no one actually TOUCHES the set these days) and found myself slowly becoming addicted to Court TV. That, and the Food Network except I keep gaining weight every time I watch that channel. Darn them!

Court TV is fascinating to watch from a writing POV because you see things happen that just wouldn’t make it in fiction. Whether it’s a big case like the Phil Spector shooting/suicide or the smaller divorce/killed your wife/oops, insanity! ones, it’s just amazing to watch the lawyers at work. And have commentators and guests to pick apart the evidence and then explain exactly what they’re doing in court and why this will/won’t get a conviction.

And the verdicts are never sure. I watched recently the trial of seven drill instructors and one nurse in a boot camp death case and was shocked to witness all of them being found innocent. I could have sworn that at least the nurse would have gotten a guilty verdict, but there you go – no matter how you may think a human mind is going to interpret the evidence, you can be wrong.

Right now there’s a verdict watch on for a college student found dead in her dorm room and the case hinges on whether she died from a heart murmur or from the student who claims to have entered the room and left her there while stealing goodies. Looks like a slam dunk, but I thought Robert Blake would go down. Phil Spector. O.J. (which might still happen!)

Add to that some faboo hosts that really make the shows work (least of which being my fav Canuck Ashley Banfield!) and I usually end up with Court TV on for most of the day. When I’m not watching “The Young and The Restless” or seeing how long I can tolerate “The View”.

If you’re looking for a pleasant distraction from the hype, may I suggest a little legal wrangling to get your mind going? If nothing else it’ll remind you that while “CSI” rocks and goodness knows “Boston Legal” is funny as all get-out, that there actually is a legal system out there and it keeps working no matter what happens.


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