Vampire Trivia!

There may have actually been a real vampire on the books in England – The Red Knight of Ainswick worked for the Lord of Ainswick Castle, but wasn’t exactly the picture of a chivalrous knight. He drank, brawled and slept his way around the town; eventually dying when he fell off a roof while trying to spy on his wife, who he suspected of having an affair.

Soon after being buried he returned to terrorize the countryside with plague and attacking everyone in sight; drinking their blood even as they dropped dead from the plague. The villagers knew that they had no chance of surviving both the Red Knight and the plague, so they formed a lynch mob and raced towards the grave. Sure enough, he was there, sleeping – the corpse looked healthy and uninjured as well as bloated from all of the blood he had drank!

The villagers dragged the corpse out, burning it and spreading the ashes to the wind. Suddenly people began to recover from the plague and there were no more mysterious deaths, from the plague or from a loss of blood.

So even if there are no vampires… there just might be!


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