Vampire Trivia!

In Poland you could run into the Sriz – opinions differ on whether this is technically a vampire or “just” another type of paranormal monster, but you decide!

The Sriz climbs to the top of a church steeple at night and calls out the names of his victims – usually he/she/it is a serial killer that has gained power through unholy means and uses it now to feed his evil urges. The victims will pass away within days of the names being called out; through an accident or health reasons or more violently.

But instead of drinking blood, the Sriz feeds on the emotional force of his victims – their pain and suffering feeds this creature as he watches people succumb to the horror and terror around them.

The easiest and most efficient way to ward off a Sriz is to ring the church bells, usually best during prayers in the church below. If a church has been abandoned, the workers will make sure to not only remove the bell but also to spread broken glass or metal fragments across the roof to discourage this creature from visiting the steeple.

So be careful in Poland if you see someone or something hovering around the church steeple at night – that’s not Quasimodo!

Brought to you by “The Second Line” – from Mundania Press in September 2007!    Corporate espionage, chocolate and vampires!


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