Vampire Trivia!

In Ancient Rome there used to be a vampire called a Strix; a vampire-witch who would be able to mingle with humans during the day and walk in the sunlight without any ill effects. But when night fell she would transform herself into an owl or a crow and search for new victims. Her preferred targets were children, who would have the sweetest blood, but she wouldn’t kill them outright. Instead she would scratch their chests and drink from the open wounds, returning night after night to feed on the helpless child.

Parents looking to stop this deadly cycle would have to appeal to the Goddess Carna for help to fight back and save their child from the Strix. If the Goddess approved of the cause she would appear and defeat the vampire; her last act being that of placing a hawthorn twig, usually of white thorn in the child’s window to keep any further intruders away. This tradition has carried on to the present day where hawthorn branches are recognised in Europe as the preferred wood to make stakes from.

Brought to you by “The Second Line” –  from Mundania Press in September 2007! Corporate espionage, chocolate and vampires!


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