Vampire Trivia!

When traveling in Greece or Macedonia, keep an eye out for the Vrykolaka! These vampires are created with a person either commits suicide or is killed violently, leaving in one case a soul damned for taking his/her own life or a soul confused and insane with rage.

These vampires have a most unique way of killing their prey – they physically smother the victim with their own bodies, pressing the life literally out of them. Survivors of these attacks often describe them with the same symptoms of a heart attack – chest pain and a shortness of breath.

But these vampires have their own hunters – the Sabbatarian and his Fetch Dog. A Sabbatarian is a person born on a Saturday and are endowed with holy powers such as the ability to see these invisible horrors and fight them. A Fetch Dog is the constant companion of a Sabbatarian, a white magic familiar who helps chase away ghosts and vampires.

In some areas the Sabbatarian is considered to be able to turn him/herself invisible, so lone dogs walking around are seen as possible Fetch Dogs accompanying their masters!

So be nice to that lonely doggie you see wandering around the village… he just might be out to save your life!

Brought to you by “The Second Line” – coming from Mundania Press in September 2007! Corporate espionage, chocolate and vampires!


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